Everything we do at DPC is about helping people experience the deep satisfaction that comes through knowing and serving Christ - that's how central Jesus is! 

If you would like to explore what it might look like for you to know Christ, we would love you to help you.

You can start your journey by coming to church one Sunday, or you might be interested in attending one of the courses outlined below.


The Reason for God

The World we all want

All of us dream of a better world - a world of peace, security, plenty, and friendship. Christians believe that God promises to bring about this world.  The Bible is the story of what God has done in Christ, and what he will do through Christ, to keep that promise. Hence, ‘The World We All Want” is for anyone who is interested in exploring the central message of Christianity.

If you have doubts, questions or objections to Christianity, you might be interested in this course.  The course aims to provide a safe place for skeptics to explore and discuss six of the most common objections to Christianity, including “Isn’t the Bible a Myth?”, “Why Does God Allow Suffering?” and “Why is the Church Full of Hypocrisy?” 

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