Our Story


Aaron and Gabby moved into Thornbury back in 2006.  As they started making connections in the local community, over time, they realised that the people they were getting to know would be unlikely to venture out to their church in the northern suburbs of Melbourne (Bundoora Presbyterian Church).  


They started thinking: how is the gospel "good news" for the people in this community? What would a church look like that was genuinely seeking to share the gospel with people in this area? 

In 2010 - after a few years of wrestling with these questions - Aaron and Gabby decided that God wanted them to start a church in the Inner North - probably in Northcote or Thornbury.  

They shared their desire with their leaders at Bundoora Presbyterian Church, and with others who had experience in starting new churches.  With the support and encouragement of these people, throughout 2011-12, God started gathering together a team of people who shared the same passion of seeking to live out the implications of the gospel, and share the gospel, with people in the Inner North.  

Eventually - after much dreaming, praying, and planning - Darebin Presbyterian Church started in Thornbury in February 2013.  

We are excited at how we have seen God at work so far - bringing people to know the true and lasting satisfaction that comes from knowing and serving Christ! 

We are even more excited as we look ahead to what God might do in the future! 

We'd love you to join us on the journey!