Our Passions


We believe that God is passionate about these things, so we are passionate about them too!  If you join us, we hope that you come to share our passion! 



These PASSIONS include:


We are passionate about seeing people become mature disciples of Christ who don’t just believe the gospel, but who know the gospel so deeply that it permeates and shapes every part of their life.  We want to see people leaning on Christ more wholeheartedly, learning about Christ more eagerly, loving Christ more passionately, and living like and for Christ, more faithfully and sacrificially. 


We know that many people in our community are spiritual-seekers - hungry for answers to life’s big questions.  We unashamedly believe that those answers are found in Christ.  So we are passionate about connecting with people, caring for people, communicating Christ to people, and helping people to commit to Christ.  Click here if you’d like to find out more about mission partners we help to support


We know that many people in our community feel lonely and disconnected.  They long for a genuine community. In the church God is creating that community.  A community that welcomes people from all backgrounds.  A community that shares all the ups and downs of life.  A community that displays real vulnerability.  So we are passionate about seeing people of all backgrounds warmly welcomed into our community, and moved towards deepening a sense of commitment to Christ and his people. 


We believe that God created us to find meaning, purpose, and satisfaction in life, not in loving and serving ourselves - or anything in this world - but in loving and serving Christ – in magnifying him! So we are passionate about seeing people express their deep satisfaction in knowing Christ by magnifying and enjoying him – not just on Sundays – but every day! 


We know Christ to be our ultimate loving neighbour – the one who showed us incredible mercy by giving his life for us on the cross!  So we are passionate about being a church that loves all our neighbours – no matter who they are – by caring for their physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs. 


We know Christ to be our ultimate minister – the one who served us by laying down his life for our sins!  So we are passionate about equipping every member of our church to be active in serving one another in generous, costly, and helpful ways.